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Let the mask fall
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April 11, 2013
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Let the mask fall, let this head roll.

I do not have a role in any of your poll
My soul is empty, my sides are lonely
Let the tear speak, and nought lovely

In this pain all is vain
In this plain, all is lain
No glitters, no dancers
No twisters, no lovers.

Let the mask fall, let this  head roll

Inside, beneath, nothing to scroll
My heart is cloudy, my blood is icy
Let the skin speak, and nought happy

In this hand, nothing stays
In this palm, nothing frays
No kisses, no wishes
No lilies, no worries

Let the mask fall, let the dust shine

Do not ever call me divine
I do not have a role in any of your poll
Let the mask fall, let my head roll.

April, the eleventh, 2013

Flobots, Handlebars, Combichrist, Gotta Go, Flobots, Anne Braden.

Has a translation in the comments.
LyricalInfinity Apr 11, 2013  Student Writer
Try and see if my dear friend Irukaot submits your art to his gallery ! He's keen on masks and masquerades !

Your language is beautiful... it's a part though, for I can't know its glorious flow

Here he is :[link]
Oh thank you. Much appreciated.
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