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I will endure the exile, anything, to protect her
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March 14, 2013
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    Excruciating pain. I'm pinned against the wall. My heart starts pounding repeatedly.
Angus is perorating and sums up in front of me :
'' And so that's how the Almighty Angus tracks Nero down and manages to put him under his custody. Brilliant. Genius. ''
My surroundings were not very clear to me. The shapes were blur.
They have caught me. They will slow me down. They will probably brainwash me.

   He will not remove the sword from my body. I'm hurt and he must have damaged many of my organs with the violence of the blade's thrusting. I am about to become paralyzed... At some point, my blood loss with turn out to be lethal, at least critical, if nothing is done. But I'm currently totally harmless, and helpless.
He keeps smiling at me, with his demonic sight. This grotesque bird is an eye-sore.
Gathering my last strengths to fight back, I throw a cynical response at him :
'' So yeah. If we ever meet again you'll grab a dollar out of me. ''
Wrong calculations, though. He uses my answer to jump to the next part of his plan. His voice suddenly becomes mild, as if I was his son :
'' Oh, dear. Don't be mistaken. You are very useful and worth. There, what do we have here, hum ? ''
He seizes my arm. The bright blue gleam is decreasing and will soon fade. I am trying to spare my breathing, but truth would be told I won't last long.
Now, this is frustrating. I had no way to escape. I was wasting my time already, and will even lose my life.
No one knows what his plans are.

    So he stares at my arm,bewildered.
'' Fascinating. Utterly amazing. We are going to use it as our next subject of experimentation.
'' Spare me your waffly speech and have me slain. It's over. '' My voice was still feeble.
'' Don't give up so soon. Entertain me. It's disappointing, you know. You're Nero, you're famous. Try to stick to the rumors spread over your personality. ''
'' I'm all  about to become a sack of bones. I don't care about your pleasure. Wanna have an autograph ? ''
'' It's like a quantitative easing. You are going t-t-t-t-to stay gentle and I'll spend my hopes on you. Endlessly. For now on, we're gonna expand your limits. You should rest. ''

Blackout. I dozed off, unable to react. I had no idea if the time had elapsed or not.

   I was perceiving a thud from a distance, echoing. Was it my beating heart ?
Have I been trapped in Limbo already, condemned to be lonely for ever until the end of time ?
And where is Kyrie ? Is she still with her brother, or did she fell under Agnus' dirty claws ?
What did he do to her ?
Please, god, whoever... Don't let me take so long to save her.
That pain is definitely not ceasing.
The rhythm increased. And then, among my darkness, I dimly saw a light. Something feeble, a pale gleam.
Glittering and shinning particles. A body slowly materialized itself.
And my soul was about to burst : The pain was unbearable, and I was so anaemic, on one hand, that everything seemed vain and lost, but, on the other hand, hope has gushed out of me, for Kyrie was here, facing me with her heavenly smile.
I almost cried her name :
She came closer, I reached out for her warm hand, and she hold me tightly.
'' Nero... I... ''

   A scream. Kyrie vanished.
In horror, I recognized my own voice.
Awfully, I regained consciousness.

My arms were aching me.
My back was sore.
My pupils were just about to explode out of my orbitals.
They have tied me up on a wooden table, my limbs were encircled with burning ropes.
I had no memory of my physical condition.  I was probably brought to Fortuna's torture chambers.  Crap.
All of me was centered on that word : '' Blackness'', and nothing else mattered.

I'm certainly not gonna die. I have to survive...
Angus' human face was sadistically and  keenly griming at me.
'' So, my Nero... about that arm...How about  trying on my little surgery ? ''

   Seeing him seizing a  syringe made me realize they had cut off all of my clothes, spread in shabby rags around me. A piece of my web's jeans was covering my inner tighs. I was relieved they had allowed me to cover that part of my body. It might be selfish, but I had no desire to let them torture my manhood. Agnus could be that cruel... Poor Kyrie...
My chest was injured, but I did not remember how it has started to bleed. My glowing arm was tightly bounded on the table, and there was no point for me in trying to free it.
It was numbed, somehow bulky...

   I don't know how many hours I must have spent here, under his vile eyes, I don't know if I had slept and if they've been torturing me as soon as I ended up bounded on that table.
I can't figure out what this sick guy wants from me.
 He shots my demonic arm.
'' I am willing to give you painkillers directly through your veins. '' Says he, smiling mysteriously.
'' You tortured me... Why are you giving me painkillers now ? '', I chocked.
'' Because tearing your arm without it will be quite ruth. And you won't die. That will be the only manifestation of my mercy towards you, though... ''
'' I s'pose I should thank you... ''
'' Yeah...''
I clenched my teeth. He was a sadistic... More pain will come... And Dante will mock me... Damn it ! ''

He locks my eyes...
'' But for now, I thought you would see her. ''
Her. Her... Kyrie ?
Hell no. Kyrie...
'' Bastard '' , I hissed. '' If you've laid your hands on her I'll... ''
'' No worries, mate. Her brother defended her. Note my past. ''
'' Credo... did you kill him ? ''

He points a lilith, if I could trust my ears, and shouts :
'' You, bring her here now. ''
The Lilth jerks and crooks, then she pulls Kyrie by her arm and throws her on the ground- if my ears served me right.-
She cannot not see me at first. She was clustered on the ground below me, behind me.

'' Hello, beauty. Don't be scared. Nero's here to protect you... Or, at least, he's here... ''
'' Please.. let me see him. '' she begged.
'' Oh, but with pleasure ! ''

Damn it. Kyrie should not see me like this. Agnus... I'll crush you.

She sees me and pities me. She turns her angelic face to this barbarous Agnus and beggs :
'' Please, Sir, - she said innocently- Let him go ! What do you want from him ? ''
'' Oh, sweetheart... '' he began -
I cut him off ! '' Don't call her like that, you asshole ! ''
He comes closer to me, pushing Kyrie aside has she tries to protect me. He looks down on me and spits  on me :
'' You know how we could play with you both... ''
'' How dare you... ''

Kyrie has rushed near me and urges, as stronger as she could :
'' Don't plot anything against him ! ''

   He turns round and slaps her, and she hooks my sight. I work a smile, but she does not smile back.

That was bad.
I could have dealt with my situation. But with Kyrie around, he could use her as my weakness.  

He suddenly grabs her by her shoulders and wonders :
'' So, I guess you know him from head to toe...And maybe you could heal him... by all means.
He steps back and observes Kyrie...
Poor angel... Don't do what you want to do...
She tilts her head shyly, ready to kiss me... I'm yearning for her lips... But if she kisses me I'll  be submitting  to him... for her...
I want to stop her softly but I failed, and harshly denied a '' Don't ! ''
She backs away in fear as I regretted my move, but it was necessary.
At this instant, I'm really beginning  to hate Agnus.
He had no right to follow that path. Taking me under his custody was his right, whatever his intentions were.
But involving Kyrie was dealing with another ethical problem, as I was not assured to be able to protect her whatever happens in his mad head, and because it was beyond me to see him harm her or injure her.
'' Kyrie... I'm sorry. ''
She does not reply, her lost sight meanders between my eyes and his.
He boldly carries on :
'' So, what  do we have here, a little lovely couple... How sweet... I would like to see to what extents your love is deeply-rooted. ''

   One should condemn his deceiving methods... But who ?
That lilith appears totally submitted to him, and I'm all tied up.
Kyrie is the only one whose knees are free...
If only I could talk to her...
Kyrie holds my hand, to the point of almost inserting her nails into my flesh. She was chilling down her spine.
I locked my eyes with hers...
'' Kyrie...  It's okay... We'll get out of it in no time... ''
And that was my biggest lie ever told...
Suddenly, Agnus moves in a semi-second and grabs Kyrie by her hair.
The poor creature tries to defend herself as I was angrily trying to get rid of my bounds.
Since Kyrie has been brought here, my arm has become totally numbed. To my horror, it was even becoming a normal arm, with flesh, comparable to my right one...

   Agnus had overcome Kyrie and, still applying a pressure on her head, so as to bring pain, he bade his lilith to unwrap a blanket, covering a cube of something.
She crooked and tore the quilt.
A huge block of ice appeared.
Scornfully, he laughed :
'' Dear Nero, I don't think you've been very far with her...''
'' You bastard... if you lay your hands on her I... ''
He touches her shoulders, she was a quivering leaf.
He tried to untie the zip of her white dress which fell on the ground, miserably.
I should not have stared. I could not help it. Damn. Kyrie's hot.
He caught her arms, and forced her to stay in front me.
'' No, look at that body. Isn't she beautiful ? Isn't she lovely... But that's a shame. You did not tame her. She's wild... ''
Kyrie looked at me and tried to whisper :
'' It's alright, Nero... You're here, you're staying with me... We'll go through this. Together.
But my arm had definitely ceased to function.
Dozens images of a demon unknown to me yet hit my memory, because that arm was encompassing the Sparda's brother's blood.
Now, my left one and my right one looked alike.

'' Let her go. Do everything to me, but leave Kyrie out of this. ''
Agnus laughed and said to her :
'' That atmosphere is way too much gloomy.  Kyrie, sweet angel, would you sing for us your silken lyrics ?
She hesitated and managed to calm down enough to sing : Her voice was scattered, though...
'' Listen to my voice,pulling you, pulling  y... ''
He violently punches her stomach with one of his fits,throws my fainted Kyrie on that ice cube as I turned my head so as to see her...

   '' Aren't you tired of her games, '' damsel in distress '' style, Nero ? She's annoying, isn't she ? But she's good-looking. I guess that's a valuable reason to stay with her, and coping with the rest. ''
'' So, what should I do to her ? I think seeing your beloved half naked on an ice cube is not enough. We should think about spicing the things up a bit. ''
He leaned over her and gently began :
'' It's okay, sweetheart. I'm a scientist . I'm gonna send you to the lands of dreams and you'll wake up anew. ''

He shot her with the syringe he used on me and added :
'' Don't worry, it won't do her any harm. At least not what it does to you.
My anger was boiling on my skin. I will not hold it back very long, if he dares to threaten her.

   He rolled over Kyrie's body, who has slightly lost her conscience. She was not reacting anymore. Like my arm, she was numbed.
What the hell did he give to us ?
He bowed in front of us and by-passed the lilith, disappearing behind a curtain.
Lull settled itself.

'' Kyrie, Kyrie ! ''
My anaemic Kyrie replied feebly :
'' Nero... We've failed... ''
'' No, we're gonna make it. I'll save you... ''
'' No, we won't Nero... ''

I shouted :
'' Just believe in me. I will endure the exile, anything, to protect you, my Kyrie. ''

We had no extra time to talk, because Angus was back.
In horror, I realized he was holding a whip in his right hand, and was walking towards Kyrie.
Using his free hand, he briefly caressed her skin. My head was aching me, it was constantly turned towards her.
My anguish was not ceasing.
It was obvious his idea was to punish her. I still don't know why.

'' Look, Agnus... Why the hell are you after us ? ''
'' Credo's wishing t-t-t-t-t-o track you down. ''

'' Does Credo know you're about to use his sister ? ''
'' No, because he will storm to this place if he knew... Of course... ''
'' And what if he hears about your mischievous plans ? ''
'' What prevents me from killing you both ? ''

With no further delay, he lashes her back mercilessly.
She screams sharply, fiercely.

'' AGNUS ! ''

He turns round and asks, almost fairly  innocently :
'' Yes, what's up ? ''
'' I won't let you do this any longer. ''
'' My point is not following your logic, sadly. I want to test your limits. But your limits are not physical or even mental... If you're on the edge, you'll naturally release your anger. And that, yes that, this is what I'm looking for. We have to break you. To break you, we'll begin by breaking her.''

Another blow. Another flow of her tears.
Another bursting Nero.
Another cursed insult.

   This crock was right... The power within me was ready to bust and to blast that cell... But that is exactly what he desires... he wants to leech my demonic abilities to summon God-knows-what.
I'll scarify him myself if he keeps beating her...

To my utter dismay, he was still beating around the bush with us. He interrupted his lashes, threw the whip on the ground, took a seat-back and muttered :
'' It's rough... does she like it rough, Nero ? ''
'' What the hell do you want out of us ? Release Kyrie ! ''
'' Looks like a little bit ambitious for someone who is all tied up and helpless to move an inch of that body of yours.., don't you think so ? ''

Kyrie was gasping. I could hear her sobs and  her whining breathings in saccades.
It drew thousands Red Queen's blades through my heart in a row...
The base of her hazel hair was crimson... and she has not ceased to quiver since he had stripped her...
Her back was marred by nasty cuts, her skin has become red and the whip has grazed her whole body : Her neck, her shoulders, her waist, her thighs, and even her legs...
Agnus rolled her over again and she bit her lips when the ice entered in contact with  her injured limbs... I tried to convince myself that the icy chillness of that cube would relieve her from the burning pain she feels a bit...
I stared in amazement at the untouched parts of her body, hoping and praying that he won't be beating her up all over again.

''Nero... what a critical point... Your beloved has painkillers in her system, but still, she undergoes a tiny percent of the real effects it is supposed to provide... just enough to drive you crazy... Now, look at her...  Shall I proceed further ? ''

My arm was hurting me like hell, I could not help but yell.
Agnus smiled awkwardly and removed his tunic. His abs were not very toned, but his tan skin made him appear wild and brutal.

'' We've done enough to her for now... Let's test how much pain you'll take before submitting to me... Apparently, you guys are quite friendly with being the martyrs of love... ''

He urged to his lilith, who was sat in a corner :
'' You have to strike while the iron is hot. Bring me a soldering iron. We have to see if his skin is as delicate as hers... ''

The lilith disappeared behind the curtain...

Focusing again on Kyrie, he hissed :
'' She sure is a cutie. Praise me, her masochist lessons have already begun... ''


   I let it gush out of me. There was a radiant flash of light, who sent him away. With an incredible strength, I destroyed my bounds, stirred from my position, jumped and did not even pay attention to my nudity, rushed to Kyrie and passionately secured her in my arms.
I lifted her up, placing her over my shoulders, used my glowing arm as a shield and flung open the door.

In a minute, we were outside Fortuna's Castle, snowflakes covering the waters of my eyes.
The windy weather was a pain, I safely rotated Kyrie, so that her neck was directly touching mine.
Speeding up, I headed like a madman towards the town and ignored the sights of the crowd, looking down on me, with females turning their heads away and running inside their homes.

'' Hey, kid ! Whoa, you look... washed out... I daresay... ''
'' Hey, don't stare, help me instead... ''

He gracefully fell on the ground before me. Where was this bloody swordsman coming from ?
'' Oh, wait a minute... You're the one supposed to chase me... Hum, I guess I've got some time to kill anyway. ''
'' I don't know if I can trust you... But Kyrie should stay in stable and not guarded conditions. She's badly hurt. ''
He stepped out and took her lithe body off my shoulders. I did not oppose resistance. I've decided he was not my enemy for now... Kyrie needed attention. There was no time for griefs and useless brawls.
I was about to turn away when a leathered cape fell on my shoulders.
'' Don't walk around naked, one should definitely show  you decency ! Stay alive before our second meeting. I'll teach you how to behave. I was sure you would screw up on your mission, kid. ''

With that, he faded in the stormy weather...

I will endure the exile... Anything, to protect her... ''

Lyricallnfinity, March, the 15th, 2013.
Nero and Kyrie, Agnus, a lilith, and Dante at the end
DMC 4 Refrain as a base.

Hope you like it ! :) Let me know
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